Home Design & Installation

This kind of job is perfect for newly moved in residents or people looking for a fresh start, we will start with a visit to the home, and a survey of the area that is being renovated! Measurements will be taken, and then a professionally drawn and scaled map will be constructed by our team. This will include every plant, and piece of grass down to the last petal. You and our team will choose the types of plants, trees and shrubs that work best for your area. This work may include: Pavers, retaining wall construction, grading, sod installation, plant installation, tree installation, landscape lighting, irrigation/watering system, drainage etc.


Landscape Reconstruction

These services are great for people looking for a refresher to they're already existing beautiful landscapes. This may include adding some plants to already existing greenery and plants. It may be building a retaining wall or similar structure around other plant areas to make a clean divide. We will cover all of your options and what can be done to use whatever you already have, and work off of that to make a landscape renovation!


Cleanup services and maintenance

These services are just as they sound. During the spring we come out, and do a spring clean up of your property, that means cleaning up winter debris that has been left behind, aeration, and making sure your grass and other plant material is healthy and ready to bloom up in the summer. Maintenance service occur on a weekly basis and include cutting and edging the lawn, blowing leaves and debris, when applicable and other services that vary based on your home. These may include trimming hedges, fertilizing, planting seed etc. The fall cleanup is similar to the spring cleanup and includes cleaning up the remaining leaves that have fallen, and getting rid of as much excess debris as possible before the impending snow brings us a cold Chicago winter!